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Biology Practical Class XII
Time 3 Hours.

60 Periods

Two experiment 4+4=8 Marks
Slide preparation 5 Marks
Spotting 7 Marks
Investigatory project and Viva based on the project 5 Marks
Record and Viva based on the experiment 5 Marks

Total: 30 Marks

List of Experiment

  1. Study pollen germination on a slide
  2. Collect and study soil from different sites and study them for texture and moisture content.
  3. Study the p H and water holding capacity of soil. Correlate with kinds of plants found in them.
  4. Collect water from different water bodies around you and study the for pH clarity and presence of any living organisms.
  5. Study the presence of suspended particulate matter in air at the two widely different sites.
  6. Study of plant population density by quadrat method.

Study/observation of the following (spotting)

  1. Study of flowers adapted to pollination by different agencies (wind, insect).
  2. Study of pollen germination on a slide.
  3. Study to identify stages of gamete development i.e.t.s.testis and t.s.ovary through permanent slide.
  4. Study meiosis in onion bud cell or grass hopper testis through permanent slide.
  5. Study of t.s. of blastula through permanent slide.
  6. Study prepared prediquree charts of genetic traits such as rolling of tongue, blood groups, window’s peak, colour blindness.
  7. To identify common diseases causing organisms like Ascari, Antamoeba, Plasmodium, ringworm. Comment on symptoms of diseases that they cause through permanent slides of specimens.
  8. Study plants and animals found in xerophytic condition. Comment upon their adaptation/ecosystem.
  9. Study plants and animals found in aquatic condition. Comment upon their adaptation/ecosystem.
  10. Study analogous and homologous organs in various plants and animals.
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